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    The food and beverage sector continues to experience relatively high levels of expansion. In terms of the future outlook for the industry, with the continued expansion of the local economy, the domestic food and beverage sector is expected to continue along its progressive track.

    The food and beverage sector offers significant investment opportunities, particularly for manufacturers who utilize unique regional agro-products to develop goods such as rum flavoured chocolate cakes, Caribbean fruitcakes, condiments, sauces and spices, soft drinks and exotic fruit juices, specialty rums, and bottled water.

    Given the rapid opening up of global markets, the increased appreciation in the Northern hemisphere for “exotic” specialty

    foods, and the growth of the gourmet lifestyle in the more
    developed metropolitan communities, the local food and beverage sector has a unique opportunity to brand and create specialty foods for the overseas gourmet markets, apart from the traditional focus on the diasporic markets.

    The Food and Beverage Industry Development Committee was established in 2005, to oversee the implementation of the Strategic Plan for the Food and Beverage Industry and execute relevant promotional and advisory activities to further the development of the Industry over the longer term.

    “The local food and beverage sector has a unique opportunity to brand and create specialty foods for the overseas gourmet markets”


    To increase Food Safety within the industry and to
    protect the population from sub-standard food
    products and food borne illnesses
    To increase Export Market Access opportunities for
    the local Food and Beverage Manufacturers.
    To Increase the competitiveness and sustainability
    of the industry.
    To maximize local input within the value-chain.

    The work of the FBIDC is seen as playing the critical role in bringing all stakeholders both Government and Private together. The Committee has over the years developed a close relationship with the private sector thus able to advocate the Government’s vision for a competitive, sustainable and innovative Food and Beverage Industry.