The Consumer Affairs Division (CAD) of the Ministry of Trade and Industry continues to assist consumers with making informed and wise decisions while holiday shopping. During the Christmas season, the Division continues to monitor the prices of items at supermarkets including those which comprise the “Basket of Goods” – one hundred and eighteen (118) basic necessities consumed monthly by the average household and other items heavily utilised in Christmas preparations. The CADs most recent seasonal survey was conducted in thirty nine (39) supermarkets in twenty (20) areas in Trinidad and seven (7) supermarkets in Tobago.

The seasonal items surveyed in 2019 showed changes in prices over the corresponding period in 2018. Boneless Turkey (3lbs) decreased by 18% and Boneless Pork Picnic Ham decreased on average of 38% among 4 different brands. Bone-in Pork Hams and Boneless Chicken Hams maintained relatively similar prices when compared to prices in December 2018 while boneless beef hams showed fluctuating prices.  The price of minced chicken and beef showed a very small increase of 2% and 5% respectively, whereas, Minced Pork decreased by 21%.

Other items including Cherry Brandy, Angostura Bitters, Malta, sorrel drinks, ginger beer, fruits (grapes, apples, pears), salted snacks (peanuts and channa) all had no changes. Seasonings such as pimento decreased by 66% (per pound) and chive decreased by 27% (per bundle) when compared to 2018 prices. Cherries, raisins and golden raisins all showed small increases when compared to 2018 prices, however, mixed peel had increased by 44%.

Consumers are invited to visit the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s website at  to access the full listing of supermarket pricing, Christmas items and the special edition of Christmas supermarket items.

The Consumer Affairs Division wishes to remind members of the public that the Division, in addition to price monitoring, continues its educational drive with the intent of empowering consumers through knowledge, information sharing and sensitization on consumers’ rights and responsibilities.  To learn more about the Division, please contact us at 623-2931 extension 6150 or 800-4CPS, message us on Facebook @consumeraffairstt or send us an email at We look forward to hearing from you.