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Minister of Trade and Industry Congratulates Metal-X Ltd. on the 10th Anniversary of the Afif G. Najjar Fabrication and Welding Institute

In recognition of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Afif G. Najjar Fabrication and Welding Institute, the Ministry of Trade and Industry applauds Metal-X Engineering Limited for its ongoing role in building capacity among our nation’s youth and contributing to national learning and development.

As one of the country’s leading companies in steel fabrication- with small-and large-scale projects across Trinidad and Tobago, Metal-X stands out, not only for its business prowess, but also for its commitment to youth training and its emphasis on corporate social responsibility. At the Institute’s genesis, in 2012, Metal-X partnered with the Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme (YTEPP) to establish a fabricating and welding training school. In 2014, the school became known as the Afif G. Najjar Fabrication and Welding Institute, in honour of its visionary patriarch.

With its diverse offerings in a number of fields from Technical Drawing and Structural Fabrication, to non-technical aspects such as business and life skills, the Institute’s program continues to produce well-rounded graduates who, in filling labour market skills gaps, are able to apply their new-found expertise and establish fulfilling and sustainable careers.

The success of Metal-X and the Afif G. Najjar Fabrication and Welding Institute demonstrates the exceptional impact of the duality of purpose of business and education, leading us onward to sustainable development.

A decade along this trajectory is a very significant milestone, one for which Metal-X should be proud.