The Minister of Trade and Industry has designated eight (8) Scrap Metal Inspectors via Legal Notice 115 of 2023.  It would be recalled that the Ministry of Trade and Industry announced the proclamation of additional sections of the Scrap Metal Act, 2023 and the Scrap Metal Regulations 2023, which took effect from May 8, 2023. Section 27 of the Scrap Metal Act, 2022, makes provision for the designation of Scrap Metal Inspectors.

The Scrap Metal Inspectors are critical to the operationalization of the new regulatory framework and would work alongside the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and other Authorized Officers from the Environmental Management Authority and the Public Health Inspector to ensure observance with the Act and Regulations.

The Inspectors will be responsible for the implementation and administrative activities under the Act and Regulations. The Inspectors are empowered to inter alia:

  1. examine scrap metal sites, facilities, and site equipment;
  2. interview staff working at the scrap metal sites;
  3. certify scrap metal for export;
  4. take samples or photographs of scrap metal;
  5. examine and where necessary, make copies of, or take extracts from any records and documents required to be kept under this Act;
  6. investigate complaints from members of the public; and
  7. inspect any motor vehicle or goods vehicle, or container, ship or other vessel which is used or intended to be used for the storage or transportation of scrap metal.

To date, Scrap Metal Inspectors have undergone a rigorous training programme which entailed theoretical and practical training in metal identification, an understanding of the Scrap Metal Act, 2022 and Scrap Metal Regulations 2023; and new export procedures and documents.

The Scrap Metal Inspectors will be equipped and out on scrap metal sites from Monday May 15, 2023 to perform their duties.

The MTI remains committed to the growth and further development of the Scrap Metal Industry.