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From paper to digital, the Trade Licence Unit (TLU) of the Ministry of Trade and Industry has achieved a significant milestone in its modernization efforts to further improve the trade and business environment in Trinidad and Tobago. The TLU is responsible for processing applications for various licences for the import of goods into and the export of goods out of Trinidad and Tobago through the TTBizLink platform. Some applications include import permits, export permits and duty relief licences.

In keeping with the Government’s digital transformation agenda, the TLU through the Strengthening of the Single Electronic Window for Trade and Business Facilitation Programme embarked on the digitization of its paper based records. This project involved over one hundred thousand (100,000) pages of current and historical data being scanned, indexed and uploaded resulting in the development of an electronic document management system.

This system will enhance overall performance and productivity by reducing the TLU’S processing time to better meet its service delivery standards. Furthermore, full digitization increases accessibility which allows for immediate online decisions and facilitates easy and seamless remote processing which is key to business continuity.

In addition, in April 2020, the TLU achieved another operational milestone with the implementation of e-signatures on approved e-Permits, e-Licences and e-Certificates. With these digital interventions, customers now receive their approved documents within the two (2) day service standard, and in the majority of instances, in less than one (1) day thus eliminating the need for clients to physically visit the TLU to complete transactions.

Implementation of these operational improvements is expected to increase customer satisfaction and contribute to a more efficient trading regulatory environment which will facilitate the ease of doing business and enhance the investment climate in Trinidad and Tobago.

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