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Trade and Industry Minister, Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon is today reaffirming the Government’s commitment to laying the foundation for sustainability, and raising the profile and potential of the domestic manufacturing sector. In extending congratulations to all recipients of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association’s Excellence in Manufacturing Awards, Minister Gopee-Scoon described the Award recipients as true exemplars of excellence in manufacturing. She said “despite the trying circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the awardees contribution to growing the non-energy sector of Trinidad and Tobago has been constant and consistent. They have proven to be the stalwarts in the sector”.

Seven Awards were given for various categories and in noting the contributions of each recipient, Minister Gopee-Scoon congratulates the Trinidad Tissues Limited, for attaining the Green Manufacturer of the Year Award. The company has managed to reduce wastage, manage its carbon foot-print and contribute to energy conservation in Trinidad and Tobago. Minister Gopee-Scoon said “Toilet and Facial Tissue stock ranks in the top ten highest exported commodities of Trinidad and Tobago, with over 250% increase in exports over the period 2010 -2019”.  Underscoring the importance of innovation in remaining competitive in today’s economy, Minister Gopee-Scoon also congratulates the CGA Ltd  for demonstrating its ability to revolutionize its product offering while utilizing local inputs particularly in 2019 and is well deserving of the Innovator of the Year Award.

High commendation is also given to SM Jaleel Limited for copping the Exporter of the Year Award. She said “SM Jaleel remains a pioneer amongst exporters, consistently expanding its market presence in several regional and international markets and putting the Trinidad and Tobago brand in the international community”. SM Jaleel not only ranks as one of the top exporters in the food and beverage sector but also ranks in the top 3 non-energy exporters in Trinidad and Tobago.  She also added that she was pleased to see     Nestle Trinidad, another top non-energy exporter in the food and beverage sector as the recipient of the Pivot Award. She said, “Nestle must be congratulated for exhibiting true resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic, by ensuring business continuity amid all the restrictions and social distancing requirements”.

As the Government continues to provide the necessary programmes and support services to encourage the growth and development of our SME’s, the Trade  Minister is truly heartened by the achievement of RHS Limited as recipient of the Manufacturer of the Year, Small and Medium Category. She said “Small and medium-sized manufacturers are key sources of dynamism, innovation, and flexibility, all of which are needed to withstand the effects of the current economic times”. In the Manufacturer of the Year Large Category, Angostura Limited has been exemplary in innovation and has diversified export markets allowing it to rank as one of the top ten non-energy export, with over 150% increase in exports over the period 2010 -2019.

Minister Gopee-Scoon also extends congratulations to Mr Amjad Ali, Director of Advance Foam Limited and a deserving recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. She stated that ‘Mr Ali’s unwavering commitment to the growth and development of the non-energy manufacturing sector is noteworthy and has played an integral role of policy shaping both at the macro and micro levels.

The Trade and Industry Minister added that all the recipients have not only contributed to the growth of the non – energy sector, expanded their export values and penetrated new markets, but made significant contributions to GDP, local employment, innovation, promoting Trinidad and Tobago and gave back whole-heartedly to communities and persons in need. Minister Gopee-Scoon calls on all exporters and export-oriented businesses to aspire to excellence and tap into the available resources offered by the Government as they embark on their quest to grow their businesses, whether for exports or import substitution.

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