I want to start an e-commerce business, but how?

Are you looking to start your own e-commerce business but still don’t know where to begin? Do you have a good or service you want to sell? Register your business! By doing so you will have the opportunity to grow, exploit all the advantages of doing business online and be eligible for Government incentives. You can visit https://www.ttbizlink.gov.tt for more information on e-company registration.

If you are not online, move your business online– No matter the size of your business, good or service you are selling, having an online presence greatly improves your chances of success. Choose a platform you are most comfortable using and consistently engage your customers by posting content regularly.

Meet the needs of your existing customers– As the crisis evolves, many businesses are adding the “human element” to their services by offering more personalized services. Simple acts such as free delivery, specials on goods and services and offering the vulnerable groups priority delivery and shopping hours etc. can yield long term benefits. As a business you can choose to make this a regular offering which will give you a competitive edge.

Promote, Promote Promote! – Whether you are a new or an existing online enterprise, there are many opportunities to affordably promote your goods/services to both new and regular consumers. Low cost advertising services offered by Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads allows businesses to define their marketing budget and give them full control of how ads appear, when and where they appear and who they reach.

Customer Reviews, Feedback and Returns. Another success factor is the timely response to customer enquiries and reviews, whether negative or positive. Determine the mechanism to deal with reviews and the course of action to be taken to ensure customer satisfaction. Also, you must ensure that you provide a transparent return policy; and that the process is simple and stress- free.