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E-Commerce Innovation in Trinidad and Tobago

E-Commerce in Trinidad and Tobago
May 13, 2020
How can Consumers benefit from E-Commerce
May 13, 2020
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E-Commerce Innovation in Trinidad and Tobago

Many businesses across Trinidad and Tobago have implemented some semblance of e-commerce into their daily operation in order to remain open and safely serve customers. Here are a few examples of how local businesses have adapted.

E-commerce in Trinidad and Tobago has been slow but steady. While the bigger corporations, such as Caribbean Airlines, Bmobile; Digicel and Colfire, to name a few, have navigated the e-commerce world with fully functioning websites, smaller businesses have been resourceful and innovative in finding ways to sell online without a website. These businesses continue to proliferate the market by utilizing low cost digital tools such as social media and existing platforms.

Based on information provided by e-payment providers, there are over 1,200 business entities in Trinidad and Tobago engaging in some form of e-commerce.

WhyFarm, a non-profit organization, has created an online platform- ‘Dash-een yuh Door Step’- targeted to southern farmers affected by COVID-19. The Dash-een yuh door Step, acts as an intermediary between farmers and customers, from receiving orders online to the delivery of the produce ( ). The National Agricultural Market and Development Company (NAMDEVCO) has also been regularly using its Facebook page to update the public on Farmers’ Markets schedules and the prices of produce ( The Green Market Santa Cruz ( has introduced call ahead orders and delivery options for customers.

Pennywise Cosmetics Limited, Kappa Drugs, Starlite Pharmacy and Superpharm to name a few, have taken this opportunity to introduce a new service where customers can refill their prescriptions via WhatsApp.

Food and Beverage
Grocery giants Massy Stores, Persad’s Supermarkets, Tru Valu Supermarkets and Viewport Supermarket in Tobago have implemented WhatsApp ordering, curb-side pick-up and delivery options. Food Drop ( ) is now operating an online grocery delivery service called Pantry. Small businesses such as Boxed Produce (, The Fresh Basket (, Harvest 2 Home ( and Alliance of Rural Communities ( are offering specially bundled fruits and vegetables with delivery included. Similarly, Malabar farms, Inter Ocean Foods Ltd and Apang’s Meat Shop have also introduced special bundles on meat and seafood products and free home delivery to customers. Online grocers such as Trini Trolley (, d’Market Movers ( , Farm Fresh Foods, Blue Sky Grocery, Gofuh ( continue to operate providing home delivery to customers.



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