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Consumer Affairs Division calls on businesses to adhere to the Adverse Trade Practices Order 2000 (ATPO)

Forty–five (45) business establishments have been found in breach of the Adverse Trade Practices Order 2000 (ATPO) during a recent surveillance exercise conducted by the Consumer Affairs Division (CAD) of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI). The Adverse Trade Practices Order 2000 (ATPO) makes it an offence for anyone, in the course of business, to engage in certain trade practices which adversely affect the economic interests and infringe on the rights of consumers within Trinidad and Tobago. The ATPO specifically prohibits the display and/or publication, whether on business premises, advertisements or receipts/receipt books any of the following:
“No Refund”
“No Exchange”
“No Refund on Sale Items”

Businesses found in contravention of the ATPO are liable:

  1. On summary conviction to a fine of five thousand dollars ($5,000.00) AND to imprisonment of four months or;
  2. On conviction on indictment to a fine of ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) AND to imprisonment for two years.

The CAD informs all that such displays and/or publications are not in keeping with the provisions of the ATPO. Further, the CAD is admonishing any businesses which may still be engaging in this practice, to take immediate steps to remove any offending phrases or signs in their establishments or on bill/receipt books and to ensure that they comply with all established consumer protection laws as part of their commercial practices.

Consumers are asked to be on the alert for displays such as those described above and to report to the CAD any such discoveries via our Facebook page @ConsumerAffairsTT, e-mail at or toll free hotline, 800-4277. The CAD remains committed to ensuring the protection and empowerment of all consumers and intends to continue these surveillance checks in the coming weeks.

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