13 April, 2018: – Consumers are reminded to be vigilant when shopping guided by the monthly supermarket prices publication issued by the Consumer Affairs Division (CAD) of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) published on the Ministry’s website (http://tradeind.gov.tt/supermarket-prices-tnt-mar2018/ ), on social media and in the print media on a quarterly basis.  As part of its mandate to ensure fair pricing in the marketplace, and in line with its ongoing price monitoring programme, the CAD continues to monitor the average prices of one hundred and eighteen (118) products in forty-two (42) supermarkets throughout the country monthly.

The most recent report of supermarket prices for the period January – March, 2018, reflects only minor fluctuations in food prices in Trinidad. From the survey conducted, it was noted that the cost of a basket of goods – which represents the items purchased by a typical family of four (4) on a monthly basis – has decreased by 0.15%. While the Division continues to monitor prices and educate citizens, members of the public are urged to exercise their power of choice and choose shopping locations wisely. Additionally, consumers are reminded to examine goods before purchasing, scan cupboards and pantries and make a list prior to visiting the supermarket.  Always remember to request and keep receipts in anticipation of any event where goods may have to be returned and/or exchanged.

Consumer Advocates of the Division are currently engaging consumers through its public outreach programmes in various communities to educate and provide information to ensure consumers make wise and informed choices when shopping. This month Consumer Advocates will be visiting Point Fortin, Princes Town, Rio Claro, Sangre Grande, Santa Cruz, Barataria, Diego Marin, Ecclesville and Aranguez among other areas. Other outreach sessions can be arranged by contacting the CAD.

Visit the MTI’s website at http://tradeind.gov.tt/consumer-affairs-division/ the CAD’s Facebook page @consumeraffairstt or contact the Unit at 623-293 ext 1905-1915 to learn more.