12 January, 2018:-   Members of the the public will benefit from faster processing times as the Trade Licence Unit (TLU) of the Ministry of Trade and Industry commences a digitisation project. The project which seeks to automate the majority of back office processes supporting the work of TLU staff will further minimise the processing time for services rendered to the public.  It involves the conversion of data and its consolidation onto the TTBizLink Platform used by staff to process licences and other approvals. This includes the expansion of a database of commonly referenced documents required for decision making related to trade applications processed by the TLU. The project which will be completed by mid-2018, will increase the efficiency of all TLU’s back office processes.

Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Trade and Industry encouraged staff to “Keep up the exceptional work and continue to deliver excellent customer service at a high standard to the Government and citizens of Trinidad and Tobago” while meeting with staff at the Barataria Office today. In keeping with the Ministry’s strategic goals to transform Ministry performance and service delivery, Minister Gopee-Scoon encouraged the staff at the Trade Licence Unit (TLU) to continue to embrace innovative approaches to enhance service delivery. Mr. Norris Herbert, Permanent Secretary, MTI, thanked staff for their continued support and expressed anticipation for the completion of the TLU’s Records Digitizing Project.

The TLU is responsible for administering the import of goods into and the export of goods out of Trinidad and Tobago. Their services include issuing of Import Licence; Export Licence; Duty Relief Licence; Safeguard Certificates and Suspension Certificates.