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Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Trade and Industry joined the executives of VEMCO today at their Head Office to witness the loading of VEMCO’s first shipment of products inclusive of ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard to Cuba. Senator the Honourable Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Trade and Industry, congratulated VEMCO on its first shipment to Cuba. She said this new relationship with Cuba is a significant achievement and a major milestone in the diversification of VEMCO’s export markets and will contribute to an increase in Trinidad and Tobago’s non-energy exports.”

Minister Gopee-Scoon commended the company for its commitment and perseverance in pursuing the Cuban market which is very important to Trinidad and Tobago, and satisfying all the international requirements. She added that Trinidad and Tobago is Cuba’s largest trading partner in the Caribbean and anticipates that this achievement will further strengthen both countries’ bilateral economic and trading relationship resulting in solid and tangible benefits. Highlighting that VEMCO continues to be one of the leading non-energy manufacturers in Trinidad and Tobago, the Trade Minister said, VEMCO is a sterling example for other local manufactures to follow.

Mr Christopher Alcazar, Chief Executive Officer, expressed pleasure in establishing a presence in the Cuban market, he said We are extremely excited to have our brand and product introduced in the Cuban market and on the shelves for consumers.  It has been a lengthy process but worth it and our company looks forward to increased export opportunities and the continued support from the Ministry of Trade and Industry and exporTT Limited as we continue to enter new markets.

Her Excellency Tania Diego Olite, Ambassador from the Republic of Cuba to Trinidad and Tobago was also present to witness the first shipment. Her Excellency Diego Olite said This is indeed a great occasion which will redound to the mutual benefit of both countries. I encourage you to continue to look for opportunities not only in trade but also in business and investment between both countries.”

Over the period 2015-2020, the number of manufacturers exporting to Cuba has increased. The Government remains committed to providing the necessary programmes and initiatives to build the export capacity of local manufacturers.

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