The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) and the Ministry of National Security (MNS) are pleased to advise the public that applications for Group Work Permits can now be made on the Single Electronic Window for Trade and Business, TTBizLink – via the e-Work Permit Module. This e-service allows applicants to electronically submit applications for Work Permits and Work Permit Extensions to the Work Permit Secretariat (WPS) of the Ministry of National Security (MNS). The ability to apply  virtually for Group Work Permits enhances the service delivery capacity and capability of the MNS and that of the Work Permit Committee (WPC) members who are involved in the processing of submitted Work Permit applications. The WPC comprises Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Immigration Division of the MNS and the Tobago House of Assembly.

A Work Permit is written authorization issued by the Ministry of National Security which permits a non-national to work or be employed in Trinidad and Tobago. As a consequence, the strengthening of this service is important to improving the ease of doing business and by extension, attracting foreign investors. The e-Work Permit Module which is available for use by companies and institutions conducting business in Trinidad and Tobago that wish to employ a foreign national, is governed by the Immigration Act, Chapter 18:01. Attorneys-at-law practising in Trinidad and Tobago can also make applications on behalf of self-employed persons or a person whose employer is not carrying on business in Trinidad and Tobago.

For further information, please contact the Work Permit Secretariat, MNS by calling 623-5239 or 625-8425 Ext. 13000 to 13010 or by emailing Persons are also encouraged to visit the Trinidad and Tobago Trade and Business Information Portal  at , for information not just on Work Permits, but also on non-energy related trade, business and investment procedures in Trinidad and Tobago.