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Legal Notice No. 75 - Expiration of the Anti-Dumping Duty imposed on Aluminium Extrusions

Legal Notice No. 337 of 2020

Legal Notice No. 338- Notice to Importers-Negative List -Open General Licence

Legal Notice No. 77-C.E.T. (Suspension) (No. 2) Order, 2020

Legal Notice No. 78-C.E.T. (Variation) (No. 2) Order, 2020

Animals (Diseases and Importation) Act-67.02

Antibiotics Act-30.02

Anti Dumping and Countervailing Duties Act-78.05

CARICOM Cuba Trade and Economic Co-operation Act-81.12

CARICOM Costa Rica Free Trade Act-81.10

Bills of Lading Act-50.03

CARICOM Dominican Republic Free Trade Act-81.06

Companies Act-81.01

Computer Misuse Act-11.17

Copyright Act-82.80

Corporation Tax Act-75.02

Consumer Protection and Safety Act-82.34

Customs Act-78.01

Customs Amendment Act-No. 6 of 2013

Customs Brokers and Customs Clerks Act-78.03

Economic Partnership Agreement Act-No.9 of 2013

Electronic Transactions Act-No. 6 of 2011

Exchequer and Audit Act-69.01

Exportation of Food Act-63.53

Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs Act-63.55

Food and Drugs Act-30.01

Fiscal Incentives Act-85.01

Immigration Act-18.01

Foreign Investment Act-70.07

Income Tax (In Aid of Industry) Act-85.04

Income Tax Act 75.01

Metrology Act-2004

Interceptions Act

Plant (Export Prohibition Act)-63.54

Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Act-30.03

Plant Protection Act-63.56

Registration of Business Names Act-82.85

Standards Act-1997

Tourism Development Act-87.22

Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas

Trade Descriptions Act-82.04

Laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (link)

Trade Ordinance-T&T Gazette No. 19 of 1958

Value Added Tax Act-75.06

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