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Quality is being infused into the local design process as fashion entrepreneurs were exposed to the art of selecting quality fabrics for intended purposes. The capacity building session hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards (TTBS) and the Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Company Limited (FashionTT) enlightened 60-plus designers and stakeholders in the fashion industry on the rudiments  of choosing fabrics for varied uses including apparel, accessories, uniforms, household purposes, art and craft and industrial purposes. It also included information on the components of fabrics, fabric construction, sustainable fabrics and finishes.

In its role as lead state agency responsible for promoting quality nationally, the TTBS is encouraging business persons to include quality considerations in all aspects of production. As it implements the National Quality Policy, the creative sector, more specifically the fashion industry are the major beneficiaries of this particular capacity building exercise executed by the Bureau.

Mr. Derek Luk Pat, Executive Director, TTBS, in addressing the participants on November 20, emphasised the importance of quality in sustaining success in any industry, he said, I anticipate that the training received will be instrumental in improving the quality of garments produced by local designers, and will improve the export potential of the fashion industry. He urged designers to invest time to understand and utilize the resources and standard offered towards the development of the fashion industry in Trinidad and Tobago. The Ministry of Trade and Industry has strategically targeted the creative industries to establish globally competitive industries capable of competing on the quality of their outputs.

General Manager of FashionTT, Ms. Lisa-Marie Daniel, stated that the new standard was highly recommended by stakeholders. The guidelines were formulated by a steering committee comprising of fashion industry interests .

The workshop, entitled the “Identification and Selection of Fabric” informed stakeholders of the different aspects of fabric selection and quality. Ms. Nirmala Matmungal, Standards Officer at TTBS provided a detailed presentation on the classification, properties and application of fabrics. Participants at the workshop were appreciative of the introduction of the standard to the industry and expressed confidence that it will lead to a higher standard of garment production from fashion designers.

The standard (TTS 578:2019, Guide to the selection of fabrics) supports the implementation of the National Quality Policy for Trinidad and Tobago, 2018-2030 which is seeking to develop a quality culture among citizens, the business community and the exporters. Adhering to quality standards will increase the local businesses ability to meet international standards and promotion of trade and hence earn a stronger presence in global markets.

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