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September 16, 2022
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September 22, 2022
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Extension Notice- Request for Proposals: Human Resource and Industrial Relations Consulting Services to Establish a Trade and Investment Promotion Agency In Trinidad and Tobago

Coming Soon: Click here for virtual opening of Tender Box at October 7, 2022  |  2:05pm (local time)


What are the expected number of jobs within the new entity?
Ans: The expected number of jobs within the new entity is 90 persons

What is the number of employees across all entities? 
Ans: the number of employees across all entities are as follows.

Organization Approved Staffing Actual Staffing (Jan2022)
InvesTT ~25 ~17
exporTT (60) 58
CreativeTT 69 ~21
TOTAL ~154  96

Will Ministry of Trade and Industry be advertising for positions and recruiting for the new entity, or will this be a separate consultancy?  
Advertisement and recruitment for the new entity will be guided by the Recruitment Plan and Methodology that is to be developed by the HR/IR consultant in accordance with output 5 outlined in the Request for Proposals. 

What will the role of the board be in establishment of the new entity?  
Ans: The Board will be responsible for developing the Final Strategic Plan and work programme to execute the mandate of the Agency, specifically:

“To develop a diversified, resilient and sustainable economy through the internationalization of Trinidad and Tobago: establishing a competitive non-energy export sector and enabling a premier destination for non-energy business and investment.”

Has a board been identified for the new entity? 
Ans: Yes. On 8 September 2022, Cabinet agreed to a Board of 11 Directors for the new entity.

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