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April 10, 2020
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Request For Quotation (RFQ) for The Provision of Website Hosting and Maintenance Services

FAQs Table 1: Compliance to the Technical Specifications for the Provision of Website Hosting and Maintenance Services

Question: Are there any geographic restrictions to where the server needs to be hosted?

Response: There are no geographic restrictions. Servers can be local or foreign based

Question: Is there a need for local Site-to-Site connectivity between the current environment, and the cloud, and if so, what connectivity is required; VPN, L2, MPLS, etc?

Response: No

Question: Please specify the distro of Linux required.

Response: CentOs

Question: What is the domain in use for the current site?


Question: Will the current domain be kept, or will there be a new domain?

Response: The current domain will be kept

Question: Who owns and manages the current domain?

Response: The National ICT Company -IGovTT owns and manages the current domain

Question: What is the current file size and DB size?

Response: 3GB

Question: How much is the file size and DB size expected to grow monthly?

Response: 10GB

Question: For the backup, what is the desired Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)?

Response: RTO -30 minutes RPO –30 minutes

FAQs Table 2: Offer to Comply with Requirements and Conditions Pertaining to the Provision of the Abovementioned

During Migration

Question: Are there any external links or services that we may need to consider?

Response: Yes there may be. As such provisions should be made in the event this is required.

Question: Will we be working with the previous vendor during the migration process?

Response: Yes

Question: Are the email servers currently linked to their current web hosting account or handled separately?

Response: They are not linked to current webhosting account.

During Maintenance

Question: Is the current WordPress theme custom made? If yes, how recently has it been updated by its original developer and are there any agreements in place for continual updates to the theme’s framework?If no, would we be provided with the original theme files and documentation to provide regular updates to the theme?

Response: Yes it is a custom made theme. The latest version is 21.6.1. The last update by the developer took place on April 27, 2020. There are no Agreements in place for continual updates.

Question: Are there plugins and other third party add-ons that may require ongoing payments or an initial payment?

Response: No

Question: How many websites, inclusive of all subdomains, are there to be migrated?

Response: One (The Ministry’s website)

Question: Are design/ theme changes, content creation (videos, images, copywriting, etc.), development of new pages and coding to be considered part of maintenance? e.g. development of new graphic elements or changes site layout design.

Response: Yes, occasionally required based on the unavailability of the Web Content Specialist employed by the Ministry

Question: Are there currently any issues with functionality on the site?

Response: No

Question: Is the site currently meeting all standards outlined in the document inclusive of SEO, 1.5s load speeds, etc.?

Response: Yes

Question: Is there flash content on the website? Please note Adobe has officially ended support of flash in 2020.

Response: No

Question: Why is Drupal required? Is there a micro-site/sub-domain or other website which uses Drupal that needs to be migrated?

Response: Drupal is optional. There is no subdomain.

RFQ Details

Question: Please clarify if the minimum commencement period. Is it 1 week from receipt of PO as stated on page 2 or 2 weeks as stated on page 13?

Response: One Week. There was a typo error on page 13

Question: Page 11 –Annex 2: Please elaborate on what is meant by Graphics Administration.

Response: Graphics Administration service will be occasionally required based on the unavailability of the Web Content Specialist employed by the Ministry

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