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In an ongoing effort to support Government’s digitization efforts and improve the ease of doing business in Trinidad and Tobago, TTBizLink, in collaboration with the Animal Production and Health Division (APHD), has launched a pilot project to only accept Online Payments for APHD’s TTBizLink applications. This change took effect September 25th, 2023 after which date Offline Payments and Prepayments are not being accepted for APHD’s TTBizLink applications.

The APHD is only accepting Online Payments for the following TTBizLink applications:

  • Animal Import Permit
  • Animal Export Permit – Dairy and Dairy Product
  • Animal Export Permit – Meat and Poultry Products

Online payments for these applications will now be processed at the point of submission, eliminating applicants’ need to return to their applications after submission to make a payment, thereby increasing the efficiency with which such transactions are conducted.

TTBizLink is committed to collaborating with stakeholders to continuously enhance existing e-services and introduce refined work flows to improve and strengthen the country’s digital profile. Currently, there are dozens of e-services available on the enhanced TTBizLink platform, and the team is aiming to introduce at least ten (10) new e-services within the next fiscal year.

For further clarification on this pilot project, please contact the TTBizLink Help Desk at 465-7649, 474-7802, 465-7658 or the toll-free number at 800-4739. The Help Desk is operational Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Alternatively, persons can send an e-mail to with the relevant details or, contact can be made with the APHD team at 625-5997.


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